We offer a self installation service for wifi ( providing their is a 4G signal ). From this installation you will get your own 4G data connection dedicated to your holiday home. We do not use any Holiday Home existing WIFI infrastructure which means we can install our wifi solution anywhere in the UK. Your connection is dedicated and not restricted in anyway. Your self installation cost is a once off cost which means you only need to pay for the number of months you want to buy 4G for the following years. We offer 4G Deals for 5 / 6 / 7 /  8 / 12 Months. You get a 12 month sim card but you only pay for the months that you buy up front.

Our standard install package contains the below

  • Self Installation + Equipment + Router – £125 ( Once off cost )
  • 4G Deal 12 Months.
  • Months cost from £20 per month for unlimited data.
  • If need be you can easy top up by contacting our customer service
  • Fully support WIFI. Any issues just get in contact with our customer service and we can help.