Fed up with your existing slow WIFI provider ? With our 4G wifi system your caravan will get up to 60mb download dedicated to you.

No more hotspot logins / 12 month contracts available / Supports Firesticks

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o2 Unlimited Data only £20 per month !

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Great service. Ordered the combo package with router and sim and it all came pre working and I had nothing to do.

Ryan Holmer

Ordered an unlimited 02 sim. Arrived next day. Great service.

Craig Lamont

Ordered the combo pack and it arrived all pre configured and ready to go. Great service.

Sandra Jones


Due to the large number of sim cards we have sold to the caravan industry we have more sway with the mobile phone providers. This enables us to discount the data package and reduce the contract required saving you more money.

  • 12 Month Contract – No 24 month contacts needed here !
  • Any number of devices – You can connect as many devices as you want to it
  • No Hotspot – No more annoying hotspot software for you to use
  • Kodi Supported – Whats your favourite channel on Kodi
  • Access from anywhere – Bring the Wifi Router where ever you travel
  • No Top Up Required – with unlimited data no tops ups are ever needed.


4G has been around for a long time. However, only in the last year as the data plans now started to be come affordable to use as a home / caravan internet provider. We now have cards that support Unlimited data per month with o2 and Vodafone.

We use sim cards from Vodafone / O2. You pick the best network suited to your needs.

Our 4G wifi routers are high quality and are designed to give you the best coverage through your caravan.

4G Caravan WIFI


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Not seen a plan you like then ask us for a custom plan suited to your needs !